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Llandaff by Tommy’s Pit in 1899

Posted on May 14, 2014 by in Wrecks | 2 comments

The Llandaff is one of Bude’s better known wrecks, largely due to photographs such as this one. This small Welsh steamer broke down off the Bude coast whilst on passage from Saint Malo to Swansea in ballast in October 1899. She was then washed onto the end of the breakwater in a force 10 gale and the crew were taken off by rocket apparatus. Later, on the incoming tide, she shifted position, ending up overlooking Tommy’s Pit. A few days later she refloated herself and drifted out to sea, from where she was recovered and moored in the river channel. A tug – the Greencastle – then came up from Falmouth and towed her to Cardiff, where she was scrapped.


  1. This was the second time The Llandaff was wrecked the other time was further down The Cornish Coast where She was saved and re-commitioned

    • Thanks for the comment Mark.

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